Rustic Beach

Our versatile Playa Blanca tables, benches, and chairs are featured in our Rustic Beach look this month. Find a list of all our rental products used to create this look below!

Next month: Eclectic Bohemian Chic

Rustic Beach

Description: This inspiration comes from the idea a having a Stylized chic camping scenario taking the simple & rustic elements from the sea.

Cabo Luna Rental items:
Playa Blanca table (seats up to 10 people)
Playa Blanca folding chair
Playa Blanca benches
Off white *Manta Runners
Off white and orange Gingham Napkins
Silver Lanterns
Mercury glass
Orange glass Moroccan teacups
Biodegradable bamboo plates
Biodegradable bamboo silverware

From the caterers:

Mini orange roses
White roses
Seashells tied with raffia chair garlands


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