A Short Story

It was 2006 and I was Dj’ing at a small bar in Tamarindo. The name sometimes slips my mind but I believe it was “Slainte”. Yes, far from Ireland.  My other job was managing a beachfront B&B over in Playa Langosta. Everything was cool but I was looking to do something new. Like the typical story of renewal & change, something happened. A very good friend, in the wedding planning biz, asked if I wanted to Dj for an upcoming event.  That sudden nervous gulp and the uttering of the word…”sure” was the beginning of our organically growing business called CABO LUNA.

CABO LUNA, which translates to Cape Moon, became the name of our company over some drinks and laughter the night I accepted my brother’s partnership in the venture. I had continued Dj’ing & renting quite a bit of Audio equipment. (It’s weird how sometimes you get ideas by paying attention to what’s going on around you). It wasn’t short after the 50th time I was asked if I had dance floor lighting that I realized this was the ying of my audio yang. This expansion into lighting was going to need extra energy and organizational skills. Thanks Mark!

The years started meshing into each other and things moved at a steady pace for CABO LUNA. The old bar disappeared, a few hundred yards of road were paved and our sleepy town kept growing. We began lighting rentals and installations in 2010. Projection followed. The concept of transforming spaces morphed out of the desire to entertain and enchant people. (Isn’t life all about people and their environment?)

A few years ago, through friends and connections, we met an amazing duo of carpenters that produced amazing wood products. This friendship led to our development of a furniture line designed to flow with our surroundings. That of course led to accents & décor.

Today, 8 years later, we are lucky to work with a team of talented people with many different skills. We are not sure what the future holds. Isn’t uncertainty part of life?

Stephen Denton


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